Safe Money Infographic

Safe Money Infographic

In addition to using Trojan viruses to steal money from personal and corporate bank accounts, cybercriminals are also creating and distributing Trojan spy programs that steal ‘online currency’ from users’ personal e-wallets – for example, from a user’s e-gold or WebMoney account.

These Trojan programs collect information on access codes / passwords for user accounts and then send the data to the criminal. Usually, the information is collected by searching and decoding files that store personal data about the account’s owner.

How to protect your computer against Trojan viruses that enable theft

Installing an effective anti-malware solution will help to defend your devices against Trojans and other cyberattacks.

Kaspersky Lab offers anti-malware products that protect:

  • Windows PCs
  • Apple Macs
  • Linux computers
  • Android smartphones
  • Tablets

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